You always have the possibility to search for (more) photos of you. For this purpose we provide you with different search functions.

First enter your race number or upload a photo of yourself. We'll tell you how it works on How does face recognition work?

Then click on "Are there more photos of me?" under the race number entry to use the various search options.

Intelligent search

Did you compete with someone at an event together? Have a look at her/his photos to discover yourself there.

Search in categories

All photo spots are displayed categorized on our site. Choose one of the categories and the time period you passed the spot and find your photos.

GPS Search

Did you track the route? Just upload a GPS file to our site and find all the photos that match the time of the tracked route.

Once you have found photos that show you using the advanced search functions, you can easily tag them. Click on the photo and enter your start number and email address via "That´s me". The photos you have marked will be checked by us. We will inform you as soon as the photos have been released.

Please note: Our Foto-Flat is person/start number related. Photos on which you are not visible yourself must be rejected by us during the check. Excluded from this are of course impression pictures.

If another person is shown on the photos, your request will be rejected.