Good to know: You can add more photos of yourself to your Foto-Flat at any time

Before placing your order

After your main search you can directly search for more photos of yourself by clicking on "+ Are there more photos of me?" and tag them with "That's me."

After placing your order

Open the Foto-Flat where you are missing pictures. Click on the event logo to access alternative search options. If you find more photos of yourself, simply tag them with "That's me."

Alternative search options

  • Intelligent search
    Shows more photos that could match those you have already found.

  • Category search
    All photo spots are categorized on our website. Choose one of the categories and the time period when you passed the spot to find your photos.

  • GPS search
    Did you track the route? Simply upload a GPS file on our site and find all photos that match the tracked route chronologically.

  • Bib number
    At a some events you can also search with your start number in addition to the selfie search. 
    Please note: To be able to buy your Foto-Flat, you have to do the main search first.

"That's me"

Have you found what you were looking for? Then click on the photos that show you and tag them with the "That's me" button.

Photo verification

We will review the photos you have tagged, and we will notify you once the photos have been approved.

Please note Our Foto-Flat is person or race number-specific. We must reject photos on which you are not visible during the verification process, except for impression photos. If another person is depicted in the photos, your request will be declined.