To protect your photos from unauthorised browsing, we use two-factor-authentication for many events. In addition to your bib number or a selfie of you, we ask you for additional personal information such as your email address or your birthday.


Input of email address

Input of birthdate

Your personal information was communicated to us in advance by the event organizers. This information is not stored in plain text, but is irreversibly coded (hashed).

In our database, your information looks like this, for example:


From this sequence of characters, it is no longer possible to deduce your personal information.

If you now enter your email address in our search, we calculate this sequence of characters again and check whether it is known to us. Thus, we do not know your personal information, but have the possibility to check whether you are legitimised for your event with the given information.

This is equivalent to the common method for matching stored passwords (Argon2 Password Hash).

In order for the verification to work, we need the corresponding information from you as you have deposited it at the event.

EmailPlease enter your email address that you used to register for the event.
Date of birthPlease select your date of birth, which you also entered at the event.