To order a Foto-Flat, select the event you attended and upload a selfie of yourself to our website. We will match the picture with the pictures of the event and automatically create your personal Foto-Flat.


For some events we use the classic start number, there is no search via selfie. Please just enter your start number. If you have forgotten your start number, please check your documents or the organizer's website for the result lists. On the other hand, at events with search via selfie there is no possibility to search via start number. 


In the next step, you will be shown all your pictures and a fixed price for your personal Foto-Flat. At many events you also have the possibility to buy single pictures. Just click on the respective picture. 


If the search does not show you any results, we could not assign your pictures automatically. Please click on the button "Are there more pictures of me?" below the search field. There you can search for pictures manually by different means and mark them. The pictures will be checked by us and added to your order. Please mark only pictures where you can be seen yourself!


Add the Foto-Flat to your shopping cart via "buy now" and follow the further steps of the ordering process. After we have received your payment, we will send you your photo flat via download link to the email address you used to create the order.